Celario Montecito Crateca


Duration: 3h
Difficulty: T/E
Descent: 80 m
Maximum altitude: 300 m
Development of the trail: 3 km
Start point: Loc. “Gradoni” at Piazza Maio, Casamicciola ore 09.30
Arrival: Crateca farmhouse
Trail: Piazza Maio, Gradoni, Celario, Fumarole di Montecito, Crateca, Fango
Equipment: trekking shoes and clothing, water

In this trail is along a stretch of the ancient Via Crateca, named by local farmers “via dei carri”. Located in the resort town of Fango in Lacco Ameno (ancient rural village and in the past important site for the development of the spa island), and this being an area of natural and man-made collection of mud (used in thermal industry), the “via dei carri” put in communication the places of extraction of alum (Bianchetto and Montecito) with processing areas (Piazza del “La Pera” or “Caulare”).