Enchanted woods


Duration: 4 h
Difference in altitude: 100 m
Descent: 500 m
Maximum altitude: 600 m
Development of the trail: 10 Km
Start: Serrara, reached by bus lineCD and CS
Arrival: Forio
Path: Serrara, Frassitielli of Bosco, Bosco Falanga, Church of Santa Maria al Monte, Forio (Via Bocca)
Equipment: trekking shoes andclothing (preferably long pants), water.
Arrival point: Serrara(Bracconiere Restaurant)

Unique experience, walking among wild headlands, bump, hills, plains, forests, quarries and tuff walls up to the sea, and especially along the route searching out the traces of history and the social fabric of the island.

It starts from Piazza of Searrara and continues into the wild and fascinating landscape on the west side of the island (Forio), up to the Frassitielli wood.