In the mouth of Typhoeus


Duration: 3 h
Difficulty: T/E
Difference in altitude:
Maximum altitude:
Development of the trail:
Start: Panza (Pro Loco seat)
Arrival: Panza (Pro Loco seat)
Path: Panza (Panza Pro Loco seat), Giardini Arimei, Monte Corvo , Fumarole di Monte Corvo,Panza (sede della Pro Loco)
Equipment: trekking shoes and clothing, water..
Arrival point: Panza (Pro Loco seat)

Departure from the headquarters of the Pro Loco of Panza, where a street, that runs through the center of the hamlet, leads towards the top of Monte Corvo. The stretch is full of signs that bear witness to the traditions of the place: stone houses, parracine, ancient water cisterns dug into the soft tufa rock, vineyards.